For Artists and Labels!

Black Wind is always looking to meet new bands and promote great music for artists and labels all over the world.

We currently feature promotional materials from the following labels:
  • Inside Out Records
  • 7Hard Records
  • Lion Music
  • Peaceville Records
  • Pure Steel Records
  • RockItUp/Icewarrior Records
  • Underground Symphony Records
  • Metalodic Records
  • Scarlet Records
  • BlueFreya Records 
  • Roadrunner Records 
  • Massacre Records 
  • Prosthetic Records
  • Nightmare Records
  • SPV Records
  • Connecting Music

And have featured independent reviews and material for these great bands:

  • Dawn of Valor
  • Heroik
  • Hollowstone
  • Holy Grail
  • Minos
  • Offtopic
  • Skyliner
  • (Sworn)
  • Desiderium
  • Woodscream
  • Damnum Animus

If you're interested in getting some publicity, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Your reviews will be posted here and can be publicized upon other sites (Metal Archives, RateYourMusic, Facebook) as well. Any metal project is welcome and we will attempt to entertain all requests (within reason).