Friday, May 6

Solisia - Ordinary Fate

Ordinary Fate


I wonder if the title of this album betrays some kind of open self-awareness by its creators, for, and I'm not trying to be witty here, this is really quite ordinary. The problem is: this type of female fronted band grows on trees by now and unless you're Nightwish and you invented the genre, or you have a more-than-average-looking singer, you have to be innovative or you will go by unnoticed. Epica and Edenbridge are doing it, Visions Of Atlantis and Amaranthe are failing at it.

Yet I can't in all fairness trash Solisia completely, because they do meet the minimum requirements of the genre: moderately heavy riffing, multiple layers of keyboards and orchestration, and a thirteen-to-the-dozen vocalist cranking out one poppy melody after another. But that's it: there's no extra flavour whatsoever. Solisia's music is like a gentle rain, offering temporary refreshment before gliding off you and splashing on the ground. There's no rise or fall in the quality of the songs, the album just plods along carefully, as if afraid of sticking out too much. While they should've been aiming for exactly that.

In the past I've talked a big deal about the importance of originality and how a healthy dose of charm can make something you've obviously heard before still sound appealing. I've given Bloodbound and Wizard an edge in that regard, but Solisia lands on the other side of the fence for me. However, if you're like our very own Mr. Protagonist a fan of this genre, your opinion may differ. In retrospect I wasn't the best person to review this album, and that's why I want to make this distinction clear. If you're like me and expect something more from your female fronted power metal, avoid this. But if you've read all of this with a frown on your face and a fist in the air shaken angrily towards me, go ahead and give it a try. And please don't hit me!


Arno Callens' rating: 3.0 out of 5


The Protagonist said...

Yes, well... *harrumph!*

I would have spoken only a bit more highly of it, methinks. The track that you've linked is pretty tolerable, though nothing fantastic. I keep forgetting that you don't tolerate female singers, but this is indeed not very remarkable for female-fronted PM.

CanuckFan said...

I'm hearing so much buzz about the new Amaranthe album that I'm going to have to check it out myself, even though I didn't like the earlier stuff I heard of theirs about a year ago.

Do you really think VoA is failing at this genre? I have to disagree with this. But then, I also don't like Edenbridge that much.

It is tough to review something in a genre you're not a fan of in general. I am the last person who should be reviewing death metal, black metal, doom metal, or avante guarde metal.

The Protagonist said...

True, but I think reviews are well-balanced when we have some outsiders looking in. It tells us especially how accessible that album is to the more "general public"

I rather like Visions of Atlantis myself, better than Edenbridge in fact. Though I haven't listened to the new one much at all.

Arno Callens said...

Well, I like VoA's "Trinity" quite well, but I was referring to "Delta", which isn't a very interesting album.

CanuckFan said...

Lyrically, Delta wasn't as good as Trinity, but I really like the music and I do enjoy Maxi's singing. I thought that musically it was quite good.

CanuckFan said...

OK, here is my review:

Again, thanks for introducing me to a new band!