Our Rating System

 We have adapted a 5 point rating system (with increments in quarter points) for our use. Here's a rough guideline of how to interpret them, at a glance:

5 - Almost flawless, at the absolute top end of the spectrum. A brilliant example of the genre, and certainly to be topping in “Best Of” lists.

4.5 - Incredible, and one of your possible personal favorites. A joy to listen to, and one you would recommend without hesitation to others.

4 - Excellent, among the better releases of the year. Definitely has a replay factor, or some quality which attracts you to it.

3.5 – Enjoyable. A quality listen, despite a couple of flaws here and there, and one to return to, even if maybe in smaller doses or not as often as some.

3 - Decent. It's an OK album, but nowhere near the pinnacle. For enthusiasts only, not recommended for those getting into the genre.

2.5 - Mediocre. It has its moments and its drawbacks, which make it either unremarkable or not wholly listenable.

2 - Not good, something bothers you enough about this album that you wouldn't really recommend it. One that gathers dust on the shelves.

1.5 - Poor, with few redeeming features. Perhaps one element of it is mentionable, but it doesn't compensate for the rest of it.

1 – Bad, but still with some musical merit. However, you wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Even diehards may skip this release.

0.5 - Awful, not worth your time listening to it. Possibly kept for comedic value only, or as an example of how not to make this music.

0 - One of the worst albums you have ever heard. Avoid at all costs, especially those who liked the band beforehand.