Wednesday, September 21

Silverdollar ~ Morte



It is extremely appropriate, even a little cliche, for metal bands to have some sort of dramatic opening to their albums. What would you think if the album opened with a lecture from Al Gore about global warming? Kinda breaks the stereotype and makes ya think and feel a little self-conscious. Drat!

"Morte" is the second release from Swedish heavy metallers Silverdollar. Silverdollar, a name that doesn't seem quite appropriate for a band out of Sweden, plays straight-forward metal, incorporating elements of late 80's Adrian Smith penned Iron Maiden songs, the thrashy side of Sebastian Bach-era Skid Row, and the prog-power touches of Cloudscape.

All of the music on "Morte" has a nice familiar sound and feel to it, especially if you have been around for a while like me. The vocals are strong and ballsy, the guitar solos are melodically tasty, and the bass drum lays down a solid foundation. When it comes to the songs, while they have a familiar sound and feel, there are some standouts. "Hear Me" has a very cool off-kilter rhythm section during the guitar solo that I like, and "Evil Never Sleeps" is a very accessible tune for a wide audience. The title track, "Morte", has a nice, slow, and Egyptian/Middle-Eastern feel to it.

You don't have to be old as dirt like me to enjoy Silverdollar. There is enough of a modern vibe on here to appeal to people who lack a connection to the music of a decade and a half ago. Also, if you are looking for "new old" music but are afraid to venture into territory that you might be unfamiliar with, Silverdollar and their release "Morte" could be just right for you.

Live Long and Rock Hard,

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SpaceKev's Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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