Thursday, July 21

Insense at Hovefestivalen

Insense are a Norwegian metal quartet, playing extreme metal that's easy and comfortable to listen to. Based in Oslo, they started playing in 1999 and have been going strong as a live act ever since. They've been hired as a support act several times, only to be dropped because the headliner band was "uncomfortable with the competition."

That might well explain the amazing show they did at Hovefestivalen; energetic, warm and welcoming extreme metal that doesn't get boring in the long run. The band's attitude was also friendly, while raw and harsh at the same time. I myself am not very used to this kind of metal, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing these guys on stage again! And judging by the (more or less sober!) audience, I'm not the only one.

The sound mixing drowned the guitar and vocals from time to time, and the drums were at some point way too dominant. The stage presence is one I've missed seeing in several other bands (such as Sarke, the band that played after Insense). The tent venue wasn't too big, and the rain was pouring down. People kept running inside, grabbing a beer and throwing the horns - just having a really good time. It seemed like they were warmed by the music.

Because what's better at a rainy festival than to get inside a tent venue to be warmed by a good metal gig?

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