Thursday, November 11

A Brief Pause

Hail readers! (or what few of you there are so far),

I want to take a break from the typical posting to give you a more personal check-in, and to answer a few questions that we've had :)

1. Yes, Oakenson is not currently contributing to the blog. He's taking a break from it for a little while. Yes, I also know that my reviews are not as good as his, and he knows it too. Hoping he'll be back with us soon, until then you have to put up with me.

2. We've had a few requests for reviews, including Angra's "Temple of Shadows", Christopher Lee's new Charlemagne project, and the latest Symphorce album. My schedule is quite busy at present, and as much as I love the blog, it's a side project to what else is going on. Not that people are breaking down my proverbial door with these requests, but I am thrilled to have been asked and want to oblige. Balancing things like school, work, writing for a couple of different sites, etc. gets a bit hectic at times, and this site is a very fun recreational break from the rest of our lives. That being said, thanks for the communication and keep it up, we love hearing from you :)

3. Something that I've forgotten to mention is a radio show held on Wednesdays from 5-7pm Eastern time by a metal friend of mine from the Buffalo area of New York. Specializing in dark emotional metal (and whatever crap the college station makes him play) but taking open requests is Jake Brew with "The Cold Embrace" metal show. Check it out at the college radio's website, it streams easily in Windows Media Player, and Jake is a fun and knowledgeable host.

That's all that comes to mind for the time being. Thanks again for checking in. Good evening, and as my good friend would say, "Let the winds blow fairly upon you."

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