Monday, November 22

Revelry on the Horizon

As we move into the winter season, I'm happy to welcome a greater number of readers to our blog. As I'm taking some time off of work this week to head home, posts may be sparse. On the other hand, maybe the lack of work and stuffing of my face will leave me stranded in front of a computer with naught else to do. In any case, here's what's tentatively on the menu for this week, some ideas I've been tossing around:

  1. Review of Angra's "Temple of Shadows" per reader request.
  2. Review of one or two new albums (any requests here? I'm momentarily out of new albums to review for The Metal Observer, and have some spare time)
  3. An overview of the French power metal scene, something that's been on my mind lately. Doesn't seem to be a great amount, and I like to delve.
In Minnesota, we've had some nasty precipitation and bad roads (500+ accidents in the metro area last weekend), so I want to wish all would-be revelers in the United States and beyond this coming week(end) a safe drive and visit to families. If you're bored inside this weekend, explore! Read through our past posts and visit some of the other quality sites we've linked to!

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