Tuesday, November 2

The Protagonist's Album of the Week 10/31-11/7

Savage Circus
Of Doom and Death

Dominating my playlist thus far this week has been Savage Circus's most recent offering, "Of Doom and Death". A very foreboding title, but not completely reflective of the contents of the album. As most are probably aware, Savage Circus is often referred to as a mid-era Blind Guardian clone, when the band was playing very galloping, uptempo power metal. While this is a delightfully apt description (Drummer Thomas Stauch was an 18 year veteran of Blind Guardian before creating the band, though he has since departed), it is not a fair one of the band's talent. 

I personally believe that this band is now beyond anything more than a skin-deep comparison to Blind Guardian (in fact, I'm not even going to say that name anymore). Sure they still have a similar style, but they don't play it just because it was popular with a lot of fans, they play it because they love it and are pretty darn good at it. If listeners take some time to drop elitism and pre-conceived notions, the music on this album and it's predecessor "Dreamland Manor", is quite excellent. Stop making comparisons, and you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by the listening experience on "Of Doom and Death".

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Savage Circus- Of Doom and Death

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