Thursday, February 17

Late Winter Updates

It's been a while since I've just talked about...whatever, rather than writing a review, so that's what I'll do tonight.

Readers have noticed a change in our banner and a slight realignment of the columns thanks to SpaceKev. A background change may be in the works as well. As the blog grows more popular, I'm trying to shine it up a bit and add more visual appeal. Along with SpaceKev's recent video interview of Holy Grail, we've added another label to those that we get promos from. These currently include: 7Hard Records, Lion Music, Pure Steel Records, and now the mighty Cruz del Sur.

We've had some great words with a number of bands that I've been in contact with, and I appreciate all the kind words and enthusiasm that everyone has expressed. This site has only  been around for about 4 months now, but we've been growing in popularity more than I would have thought possible. My hope with my reviews is always to provide an enthusiastic and insightful look at the metal that I enjoy, and I think that this has come across really well to numerous artists that I've spoken with.

Local shows are becoming a more important part of what we do here at Black Wind, and we will be posting some sort of material with every show. Last week, it was the Holy Grail interview, and this weekend it will be a concert review and (hopefully) pictures of the Finnish Metal Tour. We're looking forward to a number of shows coming up here in St. Paul and attempting to get some press coverage of them as well. I think that, while our coverage is only of a couple of venues in one metro area, that we can give you a good idea of the spirit and attitudes of the bands and shows that we cover. Hopefully you can expect the same in your city, wherever you are.

Lastly, I also want to direct your attention to the links that we have posted on the right hand side of the page. You'll notice the addition of the Web of Metal review archive (a database that Black Wind will soon be a part of), as well as Dagg's prog and metal emporium. I don't remember how I ran into this fellow, but he writes some fantastically detailed reviews, and I encourage all of you that love long, thoughtful analysis to visit his site.

That's all for now. As always, thank you for reading and keep in touch.

-The Protagonist

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Dagg said...

Thanks again for the promotion. I'm trying to get back to a regular review schedule but college is kicking my ass badly.