Monday, February 21

Update / Andrew's Album Of The Week

... I know it has been a little while since I have posted anything here, however, a number of roadblocks have recently found their way into my personal life and, unfortunately, such things weigh heavier on me than some, perhaps even most; no less, I am still around, though a bit more quiet than usual.  With that, here's my album of the week:

Ø (Disambiguation)
Although I imagine a fair number of readers probably don't care for this sort of thing, I've always enjoyed Underoath's musical expression and, perhaps more significantly, their perpetual state of growth and progression; each album has been a leap into new territory whilst also keeping the band's core very much intact, resulting in something that has become, over the years, genuinely original (and, when we're talking any -core genre, that is quite a feat).  This is their latest and, in my opinion, greatest; expect a full review soon. ;)

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