Wednesday, February 16

The Protagonist's Album Of The Week: 2/12-2/19



Elvenking's first release is kind of a strange one. The best way to describe it, as was mentioned to me by a friend, is probably "chaotic". Damnagoras' vocals are all over the place here, he slides around and doesn't stay in sync with the instrumentation much at all (the instruments themselves seem a little bit disorganized). The more that I listen to Heathenreel over the years, the better it gets, despite this lack of firm organization. This is the album that first got me into harsh vocals, and I haven't really looked back since. Of course, it's largely a power/folk mixture that doesn't spare the violin or the catchy chorus. Still Elvenking's strongest outing after a lot of muddling around, and I don't know that any album will have quite the wild spirit that this one achieves. Check out these classic tunes, if you haven't heard them already.

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