Thursday, February 10

While Heaven Wept ~ Triumph : Tragedy : Transcendence

While Heaven Wept
Triumph : Tragedy : Transcendence


I have a love/hate relationship with live albums. If the recording is done right, you can feel the energy of the band reach out to you from the speakers in a way that no studio recording could ever hope to capture: the band will sound fresh and the crowd lively. If done poorly, the band (most noticeably the singer) will sound road worn, and often too much emphasis is placed on synced live backing tracks and overdubs that you just completely miss the live experience altogether.

I am ecstatic with the way While Heaven Wept's live opus, "Triumph : Tragedy : Transcendence" turned out, it has everything that I want in a live recording. The band is tight and the vocals are spot on. The crowd is appreciative. Too many times, the audience in live recordings is so quiet in the mix that you forget you are listening to a live recording. Here however, they can be heard nicely before and after each song. The production on this album is huge. The keyboards, while not overpowering, fit into every nook and cranny of the live sound, making the recording sound full.

The band and their songs sound warm, rich, and fresh. The songs translate great from the studio into a live setting. The closing song, "Vessel", stands out to me because of the audience participation, however every song on "Triumph : Tragedy : Transcendence" is stellar.

There is one thing that some people might find unusual about this live recording: a fade to silence after each track. This is not uncommon, but if you are not used to it it may sound odd in a live recording because it takes away from the complete live experience in a small way. In the modern age we live in with everyone on the go, should you have to turn off your mp3 player, or have it on shuffle, these fades are added as to not have a jarring stop in-between the songs.

I have nothing but praise for "Triumph : Tragedy : Transcendence", and While Heaven Wept is a hugely impressive and talented band. The sound and performance on this cd would be a fantastic introduction to anyone who is not familiar with the band. For those who are already fans, you can enjoy the band in the warmth of this live show.

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Live Long and Rock Hard,

Space Kev's Rating: 9.25 out of 10


Tom WHW said...

I just wanted to let everyone that reads this know that there are no breaks/fades on the actual CD or DVD; only the promo downloads were separated for ease of navigation between songs! Cheers! - Tom/WHW

The Protagonist said...

Thanks for letting everyone know Tom, we're honored that you stopped by to read our review!