Friday, April 15

Borealis - Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace


The wind swept in from the North, quickening our hearts and steadying our resolve. When the dazzling display of light appeared in the sky, we knew the time had come for the release of Borealis's new CD, "Fall From Grace". The band has stepped up their game big time, from an already high standard, and I felt the need to lead off my review with something epic and cheesy!

Not too long ago, I reviewed "World of Silence" and was quite pleased with what I heard. I have been following the band for a while, and because I love "World of Silence", I was eagerly salivating over the arrival of "Fall From Grace". Was all my drooling worth it?, HECK YA!! Everything that made me like the band hasn't changed, it just got better.

The improvement comes in the song writing. There is more diversity in the tempo and dynamically on the cd as a whole, and throughout the songs themselves. "Where We Started", the lead-off single for "Fall From Grace", is a perfect example of what I am trying to illustrate. The intro and chorus are melodic and heavy, while the verse is very simplistic with just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment. "Words I Failed To Say" is another example of how the songs have so much going on within them. My favorite song on the CD and yet another example of stellar song writing, is the opener. Probably one of the best opening songs I have heard on a CD in a long long time, "Finest Hour" has everything from a fast yet fluctuating tempo to keyboards that add tension to the riffs and dimension to the verses. Add to that some great vocal harmonies and growls, and you've got the complete package!

The maturation in their writing really allows the band to show off their individual talents. I am impressed with how tight the band is, and that you can still set our fancy Swiss watch to the rhythm section. There is a little more diversity in the way the guitar and keys work together on "Fall From Grace" as opposed to their previous release. While they play the melodies together with frequency, they often have different and complimenting arrangements that add to the diversity of the songs. There are more solos, and they are quite tasty and complex while never venturing into that over-indulgent wanking territory.

I really can't over-emphasize the song writing. Borealis is really coming into their own and they are finding their sound. They are on par with other established bands like Evergrey and Sonata Arctica and yet they are young and fresh. I am really hoping for and anticipating great things for these guys. "Fall From Grace" has been the only thing I have listened to for the last week and a half, and if you get it (and you'd be stupid not to), you'd see for yourself what I'm gushing about!

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Live Long and Rock Hard,

SpaceKev's Rating: 9 out of 10


CanuckFan said...

Great post & review - thanks! Found you via FB, BTW. I am super stoked about hearing this album as I have long been a fan of World of Silence and Borealis's sound!

The Protagonist said...

This is a stellar album. I'm half tempted to review it myself :)

I agree with you on most every point Kev. This one's just harder, heavier, hookier, everything.