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Faithsedge ~ Faithsedge



There was a time before pretty boys with acid-washed jeans distorted the meaning of radio friendly pop metal and turned it (and anything that is even remotely similar to it), into the generic hair metal that people with a dim mind and less discerning ears playfully mock and giggle at. The bands that came before the *ahem* hair movement were more dynamic and less formulaic than the bands that followed. While Night Ranger, Ratt, and Dokken were at the top of the heap, bands like Keel, Icon, Rough Cutt, and Helix were developing a twin guitar attack that added melodic depth to their sound. Faithsedge has picked up the mantle and carried it into the new millennium with their self-titled debut release.

I mentioned some bands that had a dynamic pop metal sound. Faithsedge certainly has that feel, and dangnabbit it sounds refreshing! I wasn't exactly sure how much I was going to like this cd, because the opening song "There's Still Hope" lacked a little of that indescribable oomph to push it past my presumptuous attitude. Then "Let It End This Way" began with its Ozzy inspired riff and my wall of preconceived notions fell by the wayside.

The songs are all well-written and performed, but the overall production of the cd is lacking a modern punch. As it is, the production favors a melodic, and dare I say, light-on-its-feet guitar sound. While this is important for the style of the songs, the bass and drum sound is sacrificed (the bass is in the background and the drums lack any bombast).

While the songs on Faithsedge have classic elements in them, I think they would also appeal to fans of more modern bands like Hinder, Lifehouse and Daughtry. All of the songs are anthemic and will no doubt inspire the listener to get their cell phone out (the modern equivalent of the lighter) and raise it into the air.

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Space Kev's Rating: 8 out of 10

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