Tuesday, April 26

InsIDead ~ Chaos ElecDead

Chaos ElecDead


I have seen the light of a thousand torches illuminating the night sky. Torches born by a mob storming a castle that is providing shelter to a menacing and misunderstood monster. As I watch I suck in a breath of fresh air, but my lungs seem to fill of molten steel and my head feels like it's been slammed with a gunny sack filled with bricks . What in tarnation am I talking about? This is InsIDead's latest release, Chaos ElecDead.

InsIDead play a brand of technical thrash that is similar in style to Meshuggah and Soilwork. To me, technical thrash blends the aggression of thrash with the melodic intonation of power metal. Many metal bands derive their tone, especially their drum tone, from Metallica's highly over produced cd …And Justice For All (much to my disappointment). To my delight however, InsIDead have a solid grasp on technical thrash. Even better, they come at us with a sound that is more organic, if a little dry at times. Their drums actually sound like drums and not overly compressed pillowcases.

Much like Meshuggah and Soilwork, InsIDead's vocals go back and forth between aggressive yelling and aggressive singing. This is not always the case though, George T does display his softer side on "Time", the closest thing there is to a ballad. The cd is full of nice layered guitar riffing, it adds a nice melodic feel and Jim T does exhibit some nice shredding. As I have said a million times before, no band worth its own weight is any good without a solid rhythm section, and Nick M and Jim M can certainly break some bones.

The initial riff on the opening song "No I.D" creates that anticipation you get moments before a massive mosh pit erupts in the concert hall, so its a decent song to lead off Chaos ElecDead. As I mentioned earlier, "Time" is the closest thing there is to a ballad and it's a great song because of the shifts in tempo, tone, and vocals. Other songs such as "Away From Me" and "In My World" mix it up little with sections in the songs that are not too far removed from some of the radio friendly metal that is easy to listen to.

Chaos ElecDead from InsIDead is really good. I really enjoy their organic tone, even if it could use a little tweaking. The songs are excellent, and they make me feel kick-ass!

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Live Long and Rock Hard,

Space Kev's Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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