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Stargazery ~ Eye On The Sky

Eye On The Sky


Some bands have names that make no sense (pick 90% of the emo bands out there today), and some bands are named after their egotistical leader Van Halen comes to mind). Some bands however, have a name that they grow into and suits their sound like a glove. Stargazery is one of those bands and their newest release, Eye on the Sky, only enhances that name.

Eye on the Sky has a larger than gravity feel and there is defiantly a particular ambiance to it. Stargazery's overall sound has a classic rock/metal vibe, which I can easily compare to 80s Joey Lynn Turner-era Ranbow and David Coverdale's vocal performance on Whitesnake's Slide It In. There is even a hint of pop sensibility similar to Europe's Final Countdown.

Despite my comparision to the classic rock/metal sound, the production is very modern and this is where their sound becomes their own. They create an ambient vibe with the keyboard, the occasional unique sound clip, and they also skip the overwhelming use of reverb. Other modern touches to the music include the use of double-bass drum and some speed picking by the guitars. The overall blend of the individual instruments create that larger than gravity feel that I mentioned. Add to that the vocal performance of Jari Tiura, which is very bluesy, perhaps like David Coverdale.

Every song on Eye on the Sky has an anthemic sing-along feel. This makes the the music accessible to a wide range of people. "How Many Miles" and "Jester of Kings" will have people mouthing along on their iPods. The guitar solo on "S.O.S" is probably the tastiest one on the cd, and the opening track "Dying" kicks things off with a fist pumping beat.

I happen to love this classic feel, and I suppose a lot of that is due to the fact that I was a pimply faced teenager when the bands that I compare Stargazery to were in their prime. As I mentioned, Eye on the Sky is a very very accessible cd, but it does give a little nod to the past. It is a good debut release that will give you a soar throat from all the sing-along choruses, and your arm will be tired from pumping your fist in the air.

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Live Long and Rock Hard,

Space Kev's Rating: 7.75 out of 10

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