Thursday, May 19

Dreamtale - Epsilon



Some bands seem to be running out of ideas for album titles by their fifth, thus often naming it "V", after the Roman numeral. Dreamtale is better than that, naming theirs Epsilon, after the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet. In your face, everyone else.

This Finnish band, as its name and origin suggest, plays straight-up, uncomplicated power metal. Ever since their soaring debut Beyond Reality, these guys have never quite managed to reach the heights of that album, even though there was a lot of great material on especially 2008's Phoenix. It pleases me to say that if there's one record up to the task of standing proudly next to Beyond Reality on the pinnacle of all that is Dreamtale, it's this one. 

Dreamtale historically haven't been all that good at kicking off an album, but here they've nailed it. "Firestorm" is as catchy as a slippery cat with commitment issues is otherwise, and sends your power metal spirit aflame from the very start. The follow-up is "Angel Of Light", that typical poppy tune for which these guys have such a knack it puzzles me why they haven't been asked for the Eurovision Song Contest yet. Maybe because it's the suckiest musical competition in the universe. The song shares its DNA with "New Life" from "Difference" and "Failed States" from "Phoenix": bouncy rhythms, infectious melodies and so un-metal it makes you a bit ashamed to be humming to it all day.

The band returns to a full power metal assault soon enough, sending one unforgettable shiver up your spine after the other. I have no idea what ‘eternal jesters’ are, but I want to be where they reign. Even when the chorus isn’t that great (case in point “Fly Away”) the accompanying lead is good enough to cramp your fist again as it’s firmly lifted up in the air. Balladry, these guys do well, and “Reasons Revealed” is another winner. Bombast they do better, and “Lady Of A Thousand Lakes” makes you want to move more uncontrollably than someone who has a beehive in their pants.

But nothing prepares you for the sheer wonder of the closer, which in my humble opinion and consideration of every great track from “Beyond Reality”, is their best song ever: “March To Glory”. Power metal freaks, listen to it yourself, if only to one song of “Epsilon”, and tell me that isn’t everything you love about this style of music. Hints of it are scattered throughout this review, and it all comes together for the album’s and, for now, this band’s career’s crescendo. Well done, Dreamtale, very well done indeed.


Arno Callens' rating: 4.0 out of 5

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Peevelson said...

March to glory: It took couple of times for me to "catch" this song. Mainly because of the beginning of the song sounds bit artificial. But that just prepares us for massive power metal fireworks. Now it is even bit dangerous simultaneously to listen to this song and drive car (speed limits exceeded easily). And you should hear this song live - wheeeee!