Friday, May 13

Interview: Powerglove

Powerglove is the Bostonian metal band that has named themselves after the innovative Nintendo game peripheral of the late 80s. The band takes some of the beloved songs from video game soundtracks as well as cartoons, and infuses them with high energy power metal. When they get on stage, they go beyond being 4 sweaty dudes banging their heads, they bring a fun and interactive element to their show in the form of costumes, props, and candy. Bassil Silver, who plays the drums and bears the flag of the band as they march into 16-bit combat, sat down with me and chatted just before they took the stage.

We had such a great conversation, unfortunately, not all of it would fit into the confines of the edited interview. We had a nice talk about downloading and pirating and if you want to see Bassil's take on the subject, you can watch it here.

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