Tuesday, May 24

From Oceans to Autumn- The Flood/The Fall

From Oceans to Autumn
The Flood/The Fall


From Oceans to Autumn is an instrumental drone/post metal band that brings us a 2 track, 18 minute EP titled The Flood/The Fall. Reviewing this actually provides some interesting challenges, as I’m not particularly well versed in post metal, and only being a 2 song EP, it has different goals from the traditional album. Let’s see what we can say though about this release. Firstly, the two tracks are about 9 minutes each, and run together fairly nicely. For the length of the EP and the general level of variety, I can’t criticize it for being dull or same-y, nor can I call it dry. The atmosphere of the music is very well achieved and expressed. It’s a bit creepy, a bit dreamy, and the soundscaping is done masterfully. In particular, the bass work on the album is, while not a technical masterpiece, a perfect fit for the rhythm, and a huge presence in the music.

I can’t in good faith qualify it with other drone metal, because within 18 minutes, I hear a much more immersive and dynamic experience than typical drone, and that’s a really good thing. For what it seems to aim to be, an atmospheric instrumental experience, The Flood/The Fall is certainly passable, even very good, I can’t say recommending an EP is my usual route, but From Oceans to Autumn is a band I would certainly recommend and I’ll be checking out myself.


Dagg’s rating, 3.25/5

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