Saturday, June 18

Frosthammer - The Cold Wind of Eternity

The Cold Wind of Eternity


This is the fourth and final demo from British Columbian black metal band Frosthammer, who have been ever so kind as to give me their last three demos for my listening pleasure. There haven’t been any major changes between this release and “Imagery of the Forgotten Realm” like there was between the aforementioned and its predecessor “Winter’s Embrace.” Production is raw and cold, but thick as pea soup, providing an excellent and eerie atmosphere. 

The synths have become more prominent once again, but the guitars have taken it up a notch, providing excellent tremolo picking backed with some truly remarkable riffs, such as those featured on "Where the Northern Wind Doth Blow (part 3) - Abandoned in a Forest of Wolves" (which is the third section and conclusion to the two part song from “Winter’s Embrace”). The growls maintain their effectiveness, and the clean vocals have improved again (not to the caliber that I would prefer, but they’re better). The problem is that they’re placed perfectly where they should be, but the execution is weak. "Shining Light" and "Abandoned in a Forest of Wolves" are the strongest tracks in a demo filled with naught but good songs. 

All in all, a great black metal band to watch. When these guys manage to release a full-length, I’ll definitely be there to review it.


Claus’ rating: 3.75/5

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SHALANI said...

Great band!! very soothing lyrics too :D \m/