Saturday, June 18

Overtures - Rebirth



Italy remains one of the most productive countries when it comes to power metal and with Overtures, there is yet another fine addition to their musical export. This isn’t their first step onto the scene though, as they already have a studio album, “Beyond The Waterfall”, under their belt. And with what’s on display on the not very originally titled “Rebirth”, it definitely deserves a look.

The other being Overmaster, this is the second Italian power metal band I’ve recently heard that doesn’t take its influences from national heroes Rhapsody Of Fire or Labyrinth, but drifts closer to the German side of the spectrum. I don’t want to limit Overtures’ sound to some hasty comparison, but this reminds me a good deal of classic-era Edguy. Which would explain why I like it so much. The song structures are simple and effective, with energetic riffing and spare use of keyboards and organs. The melodies soar, from verse to chorus and lead to solo, and the instantly recognizable voice of Michele Guaitoli is backed up by nice harmonic choirs. Occasionally this even has that hard rock-ish edge that is typical for Edguy’s more recent output. And unlike Saidian (and maybe Chinchilla), this doesn’t feel like an obvious Edguy-knockoff, but firmly stands on its own feet. Lyrically, they fall a bit short, especially compared to Tobias Sammet’s own scribbling, but I won’t hold it against them. Another legit comparison would be to fellow countrymen Dragonhammer, without the symphonic component.

There isn’t much use in singling out this track or the other, as the album is fairly consistent in quality. I will say that “Here We Fall” is a great opener, “Fly, Angel” as catchy as they come and that I have a new favorite track with every spin. Although “My Name Is Fear” has won the most thus far. Guaitoli, who sounds a little bit like a mix between Michele Luppi (ex-Vision Divine, Killing Touch) and Bruce Dickinson., gets the job done alright, but his voice might take some time growing used to. The bonus-track, an acoustic version of "Not Too Late" is a great showcase for him, though. Over multiple spins this band has made quite an impression on me, as it should on anyone with a taste for Edguy or enthusiastic power metal in general. 


Arno Callens' rating: 4.0 out of 5

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