Tuesday, June 14

Frosthammer - Imagery of the Forgotten Realm

Imagery of the Forgotten Realm


This is the Canadian black metallers third demo, and the second in my trio. There have been some changes this time around, but the trademark Frosthammer sound is still there. The production is mostly the same, but a little thicker and denser, creating a heavier and more epic atmosphere.

They have begun adding symphonic elements, and the keyboards are beginning to take on more prominence, often using thick synths or atmospheric pianos. The guitars still have a tremolo addiction, but there are some actual riffs here, and Frosthammer proves that when they want to, they can write some bad-ass riffs. There is a great lead break on “Ascent to the Great Wizard’s Tomb” that almost resembles a tremolo picked guitar solo. The growls are of the same great quality, and the clean vocals have improved, but are still weak enough to notice.

This demo is better than the last one, but there is still much potential to be realized. This marks a slight change in sound, from a melodic style to a symphonic one, though the general idea hasn’t changed. Any and all black metal fans should run to find a copy of this, as they will surely be surprised and enthralled.


Claus’ rating: 3.5/5

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