Monday, December 20

Meet Saint Deamon.

It's been a while since I just threw a band out quick without a full review, so here it is. Everyone needs to know about Sweden's Saint Deamon.

These fellows have been around for a couple of years, dropping their first album In Shadows Lost from the Brave in 2008, and following it up in May of 2009 with Pandeamonium. You see already that the band has a penchant for kind of dumb titles and spelling, but don't let that deter you from checking out their albums, as they are high-quality works.

Saint Deamon play a mid-tempo and vocal-centric variety of power metal that is a bit more simplistic than what we're usually used to hearing from the genre. This doesn't at all imply boredom however, and Saint Deamon are the sort of power metal that will appeal to those who love the genre, as well as more traditional metal fans who need something a little slower paced with less kick drum. Allow me to demonstrate with a track:

As you'll notice, they do struggle a bit with coherent English, but not so much that the music isn't understandable or enjoyable. Here's one more track off of their debut, hope you enjoy!

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