Saturday, December 18

The Protagonist's Album of the Week 12/11-12/18

Heaven's Gate


Apologies for the late post this week, but this is still worth getting out there. Keldian has been unapologetically filling my ears the past few days with their enchanting and light-hearted take on power metal. This album, their first, tends to be somewhat space-themed in terms of lyrics. With a hearty dose of keyboard, songs like "Sundancer" (which I posted in my overview of Norwegian power metal) and "Crusader" are rich and uplifting compositions that match or exceed the memorability of their peers. Keldian's vocals are a bit different from others, very pure and clean, but lacking some of the richness and fullness that is heard in some bands. Luckily, this is probably the most objectionable thing about their music. It's well worth hearing, and I hope you enjoy this sample from "Heaven's Gate".

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Keldian- Crusader

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