Friday, December 3

The Protagonist's Album of the Week 11/27-12/4


From almost literally out of nowhere, a Canadian band titled Instanzia has released a full length album titled "Ghosts" that has taken me entirely by surprised and left me out of breath and wanting much more. Since acquiring this album a couple of days ago, I have been able to listen to nothing else. Though this won't be the case for long, this album needs to be mentioned. I've already been in contact with the band's guitarist and vocalist, Alexis Woodbury, and I don't know that the band has had a great deal of publicity as of yet.

Unfortunately, I haven't any way to give you a sample of this album other than to refer you to the band's Myspace page. This is melodic power metal at it's best. Fast, catchy, complex, and with excellent vocal work, this band's work is comparable somewhat to early Sonata Arctica and Dreamtale, but with a distinct sound all their own. Though there isn't a sample of it online, the very best track is the final "Desert Fox", something of a narrative on the life of German general Erwin Rommel, and a fantastic track both musically and lyrically.

I will be penning a review for this album to be posted at The Metal Observer, as I fully believe that it deserves more popularity and views than our small site can provide. Please look for the review there within the next week or so. If you sample the songs and like them, please support the band! This is the very sort of talent that needs to be spread around!

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