Friday, December 24

The Protagonist's Album of the Week:12/18-12/25

Star One
Space Metal


I've owned a few Ayreon cds for a while now, but this last week has been my real musical baptism into the works of  Arjen Lucassen (the mastermind behind Ayreon, Ambeon, and this, his science-fiction inspired progressive metal project).

I can't quite describe why I love this album so much, just like I can't quite describe why I love British neo-prog band Arena so much. There's something about them that is consistently catchy and intriguing while remaining innovative, complex, and wholly refreshing. Listening through "Space Metal" isn't like listening to anything else (ok, except maybe some Ayreon), and it's actually accessible!

I've also been spinning Ayreon's "Into the Electric Castle" a fair bit as well, but Star One takes the cake here. Everything I've hear suggests that the new 2010 album from this project of Lucassen's is even better. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Please enjoy a couple of great clips from "Space Metal", they're longish, but totally worth the listen:

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Aircruising said...

I love the keyboard in this.. makes me think very 80's.