Friday, December 31

The Protagonist's Album of the Week: 12/25-1/1

Star One
Victims of the Modern Age


...and my obsession with Arjen Lucassen's work continues, with my acquisition of Star One's latest release Victims of the Modern Age. I had pretty high expectations when I first put this album on, since I've heard a multitude of whispers praising it as one of the better prog works of the year.

To sum up my feelings on this album briefly, I was slightly disappointed on the whole. This album is heavier, more extreme (death vocals on a couple of tracks), and less saturated with the spacey sounds of the original (I really enjoyed the feel of Space Metal). Despite this, Victims of the Modern Age is most clearly a Lucassen album, and continues to employ the same complex yet catchy patterns (as well as the layered vocals) that I've come to expect from his compositions. Instead of bringing you the same spellbinding, cosmic journey that he did on the first Star One album, Lucassen substitutes a voyage of darkness and intensity this time around. Good right off the bat, and a grower as well!

Here's a sample of the album's opener. Or rather, the first song as well as its instrumental prelude.

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Star One- Down the Rabbit Hole + Digital Rain

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