Saturday, January 1

Upcoming Releases - January 2011

2011 has officially begun. For Black Wind, that means that we're putting our finishing touches on our Top List for 2010, as well as zeroing in upon the upcoming releases for 2011. In part of our attempt to stay up to speed and provide news and reviews of forthcoming material, I (The Protagonist) will be attempting to release a consistent list of major releases for the upcoming month. We should also be able to review these new releases as well, so watch for frequent updates. In the spirit of starting things off right, here the major upcoming releases for the first month of 2011, along with a couple of lesser releases that have caught our eye:

Battlelore- Doombound (Epic melodic folk/death)

Stratovarius- Elysium (A Black Wind favorite pick, we're really looking forward to this one!) (Melodic power metal)

Falkenbach- Tiurida (Folk/viking metal)

Hibria- Blind Ride (Power/speed metal)

Power Quest- Blood Alliance (One of The Protagonist's most-anticipated albums of the year) (Melodic power metal)

Sirenia- The Enigma of Life (Symphonic/gothic metal)

Axenstar- Aftermath (Melodic power metal)

Infinity Overture- The Infinity Overture, Pt. 1 (Previously symphonic power metal, their second album is taking a heavy turn towards the "progressive" genre)

Dreamshade- What Silence Hides  (Melodic death metal)

Vexillum- The Wandering Notes (Epic melodic power metal)

Wotan- Bridge to Asgard EP (Epic heavy metal)

What a list, and this is only January! 2011 looks to be full of surprises and quality releases, as well as the occasional obligatory letdown. Join us in our exploration of this year's offerings!

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