Tuesday, January 25

Andrew's Album Of (January's Last) Week

Black Tape For A Blue Girl
10 Neurotics


I have had a long love affair with Black Tape For A Blue Girl, which began in the mid-2000s when I first heard The Scavenger Bride; it was, at the time, much different than what I was used to (predominantly black metal), though the stunningly sincere and sentimental remnants of sadness, loss and despair scattered throughout the album pulled certain heartstrings that were, as of then, untouched.  As is obvious, I am still very much a fan of Black Tape For A Blue Girl, and have especially found comfort this week in their latest effort, 10 Neurotics.

Black Tape For A Blue Girl are predominantly rooted in ambient and classical music, though their sound is all their own, wholly and completely.  10 Neurotics is the band's most "energetic" release since their debut album, released in 1986, entitled The Rope; the songs are more concise than we have heard since the 80s, turning over many stones that were, up until this point, untouched.

The album's theme, as is perhaps implied by the cover artwork, revolves around sexuality; it is a brilliant theme brilliantly executed.  Most albums and/or songs dealing with sexuality are shallow, distant, cheap and predictable; they take intimacy at face value rather than delving into the seemingly infinite well of emotions surrounding sex, and all of the potential (and often very real) darkness therein.  The songs speak for themselves, so I do not feel providing interpretations is necessary, however, I will say that the tension, anxiety, fear and pain surrounding the topic represented within this album is absolutely stunning, and unlike anything I have heard elsewhere, anywhere.

A truly beautiful, essential and painful album that is highly recommended to all of you truly open to genuine, overwhelming and emotive music.

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"... and I'm gonna die out here in these fuckin' woods,
and I'm gonna die out here in these fuckin' woods,
and I'm gonna die out here in these fuckin' woods ..."

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