Wednesday, January 19

Red Circuit ~ Homeland

Red Circuit


One of the many things on my bucket list is to attend ProgPower in Atlanta. ProgPower is the premier, and one of the few, festivals in America for professional metal bands. Every year, the bands that play there are those that you have been listening to and reading about for years  prior, and this might be the only time you might ever get to see them live on home soil. Red Circuit is a band on the 2011 lineup and they are definitely worth a listen!

Red Circuit's "Homeland" is solid from beginning to end. It is a near seamless blend of prog and power metal. The songs are very catchy and yet they maintain a complex heaviness. This combination of catchy and heavy make the CD accessible to people with a variety of tastes. The pacing of the songs and that of the CD are great too (as I found out while listening to them on my iPod as I do my daily walk).

The guitar, bass, keyboard and drum sounds are all great and they enhance the accessibility that I've mentioned earlier. The vocals have a nice edge to them, and really shine when the songs have slow breaks in them and the singer gets a chance to really sing. The production is flawless, and attributes to the songs and the band as a whole sounding nice and heavy and melodic.

Red Circuit and their CD "Homeland", are excellent. I have become a fan and can't wait to hear what they do in the future.

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SpaceKev's Rating: 9 out of 10

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