Sunday, January 16

Hollowstone - Demo



Last spring I went to a show of local bands and Hollowstone was on the bill. I really enjoyed their set; the guitar players are accomplished shredders! The bass player thundered away and played the show as if he was in a arena, which I thought was cool, 'cause so many bands just stare at their feet. The drummer hammered the heck out of his kit, the lead singer has a smooth melodic voice, and at the end of their set they handed out their demo, which I happily accepted.

This demo is great. Every member of the band gets a chance to show off their skills, and there is excellent musicianship here. Even though the demo only has three songs, they're very different from each other, and really showcase the bands potential. If I had to single out a favorite, "Gypsy Song" would be the one. It starts off very slowly with percussion and a melody that has a North African/Middle Eastern vibe and slowly builds up until the end where the song is heavy and pulsating.

The only drawback (and I mean the ONLY drawback) is the production. As a fan, I can't really hold it against them since they are a new band and are in the process of developing a fan base. The songs would benefit greatly if they had the ability to spend oodles of moola on recording. This band, given the opportunity, has much to offer.

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Live Long and Rock Hard,

Space Kev's Rating: 8.0 out of 10

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Samara said...

Have you listened to Hollowstone's debut album "Rite of Existence" yet? It is available on Amazon and iTunes or direct from the band. We would love to hear your thoughts on the final product!