Tuesday, January 18

Andrew's Album Of The Week

Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtrack


As anyone who has known me for anything length of time can certainly declare, I absolutely adore and cherish the music of Akira Yamaoka; its purely emotive sensibilities transcend at least half of my library instantly, relying on an awareness of atmosphere, arrangement and composition I have yet to hear from another electronic-based artist.  The Silent Hill 2 soundtrack is arguably his most popular work, though I admit I am a bit too invested to a choose a favorite amongst his other offerings; nevertheless, I've been playing this particular recording a lot in an attempt to cope with the bleak feelings that haunt my days and nights, and recommend it most highly to those with a similar emotional canvas.

- - -


Justin said...

Considering Silent Hill 2 is one of the most atmospheric games ever to be created... yeah, I'd definitely agree that the music was most excellent.

Andrew said...

Aye, the game (as well as the first four games, really) was truly an exceptional expression amidst the world of video games. Whilst most games feel more like products to me than anything else, the Silent Hill series felt much more like art, and genuinely so.