Thursday, January 27

The Protagonist's Album of the Week: 1/22-1/29

Last Tribe
The Uncrowned


Last Tribe will always be one of my favorite metal bands, but they've been hitting me particularly hard again this week, especially the band's final work, The Uncrowned. Both this and its predecessor Witch Dance are phenomenal examples of "hidden gems". So far as I am aware, these were never very popular, and yet for the power/prog fan, it is very hard to find much better music. They're not overly proggy at all, nor too repetitive, but rather a happy medium. More importantly, they feature fantastic choruses that are almost sorcerous in their ability to get stuck in your head. I can't find it online to link, but "The Chosen One" is one of my very favorite songs anywhere. Here are a couple that you can enjoy:


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Good call! Simply amazing!