Tuesday, January 4

My Exploration of Japanese Power Metal Continues

So, a couple of months ago, I mentioned that I was embarking on a quest to discover more of the Japanese melodic power metal scene. Since then, I've gone back to my ongoing search on a few different occasions, and have dug up some really great talent which I'd like to share with everyone. In an effort to get beyond the few well known Japanese melodic metal bands like X Japan and Concerto Moon, I've recently discovered a charming band known as Aldious. This group consists of four attractive women who DEFINITELY know how to shred and write an enjoyable tune. Here's the first full track off of their debut release, Deep Exceed:

Some who are already familiar with Japanese power metal have probably heard the name Dragon Guardian. I was in fact introduced to this group by the WolfenFlesh (then Oakenson) himself, and have become a fan since. Dragon Guardian is, as I understand it, a one-man symphonic power metal project by a fellow named Arthur Brave. Brave has a female vocalist work with him on his albums, and produces some very fast-paced and catchy material. Like a lot of artists from Japan, his artwork is similar to that seen in anime media. I know that this puts some people off (originally, myself included), but do not be dissuaded! This is wonderfully sweeping and first-rate music for those that enjoy the style.


Lugien said...

Japanese have a lot of Power Metal, especially Instrumental Power Metal. I recommend checking out Aphasia, Alhambra, Seven Seas, Kurogane Lab, Iron Attack!,... and there might be some more i forgot.

The Protagonist said...

It's been a while since I posted this and I've gotten into some more since then. The Japanese do indeed have a lot of great power metal, and I thank you for your recommendations here! :D