Monday, January 10

Site Updates

It is my pleasure to let our readers know that Black Wind will be carrying on business as usual. It is likely that there will be a change in appearance in the near future, as well as a couple of new contributors to the blog. I'm very enthusiastic about all of this, and am looking forward to working with the new guys. SpaceKev has just posted his first article, a review of Wisconsin power metal band WiszdomStone's debut release Rise. I, being something of an connoisseur of the style, have already jumped all over it. :)

In addition, be on the lookout for some guest writing by Romania's Ciprian Faur, an enthusiastic metal brother and author of the Metalbelieve blog. He'll be sharing some reviews and insight on bands native to Eastern Europe, while we'll be doing the same on his site with some U.S. and Canadian bands.

Black Wind's top list for 2010 will only cover the power metal genre this year, as it is all I am comfortable enough with. Expect this to arrive in a couple of parts in the near future. Until then, thanks for reading and enjoy some of what I'm listening to right now:

P.S.- Has anyone other than myself noticed that the main riff for Edguy's "Mysteria" and the vocal melody during the middle part of Serenity's "Reduced to Nothingness" are pretty much identical?

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