Friday, January 28

Okay, I am opening up the can of worms ...

Slipknot has been, are and will continue to be a metal band, despite what most of the scene would lead one on to believe otherwise; the purpose of this post, then? ... well, assuming a number of readers disagree, I'd like to open a respectable, intelligent discussion on the matter, and perhaps settle it once and for all (well, here at Black Wind, anyway).  I have provided five sound clips via Youtube below, showcasing the band's (what I consider to be) undeniable "metalness," and welcome any challengers.  Sure, their sound is undoubtedly modern, American and (at times) unorthodox, but that doesn't mean it isn't metal, that's for sure.

As for my tastes regarding Slipknot, well, I obviously like them a lot and think they're one of the most significant American metal bands around today; I feel each of their albums has doubled the quality of its predecessor, thus making their first, self-titled album my least favorite and their latest, All Hope Is Gone, my absolute favorite.  The band has showcased a substantial amount of growth from album to album (something I am quite akin to, as anyone who knows me will verify) throughout their career and I don't see that letting up anytime soon, assuming they continue after the unfortunate and sudden death of their bassist, Paul Gray.

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I mean, seriously, Underoath has a Metal Archives page but Slipknot doesn't? ... come on people, just because it's well-known doesn't mean it's no good or, at the very least, not metal!  Commence! :P

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SpaceKev said...

I agree with you on this. I am not the biggest Slipknot fan, but they ARE metal. Metal can be many things, it can even be, dare I say it, popular.