Thursday, October 21

New Stratovarius = Yummy!

It seems a brand new Stratovarius album is on its way! :) Polaris was awesome, their best in years, so let's hope that Elysium, due out in January, shall live up to the high standard set by Polaris; the artwork and track-listing are below.

01. Heavenly Divine
02. Infernal Maze
03. Elysium, Part I, II and III
04. Civilization
05. Darkest Hours
06. Under Flaming Skies
07. No Return
08. New Horizon
09. Move The Mountain


The Protagonist said...

Forgive me for saying so, but a PELICAN? THAT's an interesting choice for an album cover.

Becky said...

Oh, I like the pelican! It's rather one of the prettier metal album covers I can recall seeing to date.