Wednesday, October 13

... and thus the gateway opens!

So, this isn't exactly a formal post or anything of that nature, however, I'd just like to say that I am honored to be part of a blog that will hopefully, in perhaps six months or a year, have a small little following; afterall, there's plenty of melodic metal maniacs out there, right? I've been listening to this sort of thing for over ten years and definitely have my preferences, however, despite what I'd like to consider to be at least a wee-little bit of knowledge about this glorious music, I do plan to keep my reviews relatively short, concise and perhaps even a bit entertaining, too (which, for me, is a bit of a challenge as I tend to be kind of long-winded and, well, not funny); you can all be the judge of that, right?

From power metal to melodic death metal to symphonic black metal to J-rock to maybe even a worthy metalcore title or two, expect some diversity and (mostly) good albums coming your way from yours truly; oh, yes, and I'll be sure to post audio/video samples of whatever I'm writing about too, so at least you'll then get a bit of a appetizer before you decide to pursue the recording further upon whichever medium is your preference.

Until we meet again, may the winds blow fair upon you all!

The Oaken Ritualist,


PS: Daniel, you're overwhelmingly kind; thanks again, brother!

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