Sunday, October 31

Quick Thought

Hey everyone, please be sure to check out the sites that we have linked to. As we gain a little more traffic, we'd like to return the favor in some small way by guiding our readers towards some other quality metal sites on the web.Please check out our first few links (if you haven't already):

The Metal Archives- The premier database of metal information on the web. Very complete, and well organized. There is quite simply no better choice when looking for details or tracking your metal collection online.

The Metal Crypt- A quality metal review site with constant updates, quick concise reviews, and easy reader ratings of all albums.

White Throne Metal Reviews- Another blogspot site devoted to discovering and sharing the best in Christian metal music. Certainly not just recommended to Christians, however!

The Metal Observer- One of the largest metal webzines on the internet, and The Protagonist's second home. Numerous updates every day, and a wealth of information and reviews.

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