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Iron Fate - Cast in Iron

 Iron Fate
Cast In Iron


 I’ve spun “Cast in Iron” a few times now, and enough to come to grips with what this album is about. It simultaneously surprises and disappoints, but this young German power/thrash outfit has proven themselves capable with their debut album, and I’d like to say at least a bit original as well (though perhaps not in the most flattering way). “Cast in Iron” draws upon the power/thrash influences that they’re labeled as, with the power influence being primarily that of the US school. There are frequent touches of Euro-power as well, making the album a bit more melodic and accessible. 

Upon first listen, I despaired a bit, thinking that the vocals made the band sound like a clone of CAGE in places (what with the ridiculous high blaring vocals). When I really took the time to hear the album however, I realized that IRON FATE is more than just that. Many times, they’re more reminiscent of bands like BRAINSTORM, PRIMAL FEAR, and maybe even a little ICED EARTH. 

Melodically, this album is strange. Rhythmically speaking, it is afraid to step outside the box and do anything novel or creative. The solos on the other hand, I find extremely satisfying. On top of that, the rhythm section is tight, the production apt, and the band as a whole very competent technically. Oh, and the vocals...

As mentioned above, I was immediately reminded of Sean Peck a bit. This guy is NOT a pretty singer, but he has a shrieking rocket of a voice (also think METALIUM) that screams METAL! You know a band is really going for the gusto with a vocalist like “Iron Ivan”, as he’s apparently nicknamed. 

…So now IRON FATE has gotten metal all over the floor, the ceiling, and my face. If it was less competent, I’d be pretty ticked about this. As it is, it’s more of a lightly pleasant sensation, and leaves me hoping that they’ll crack down and release a bomb of a sophomore effort. Because frankly, I like this better than CAGE, and it has potential to fill a spot in Euro Power/Thrash next to names like PRIMAL FEAR and BRAINSTORM. 

Recommended to fans of any aforementioned band, you may dislike them as some seem to, but I’m attached in at least a small way. If IRON FATE get a little more adventurous and rely more on the guitars and less on the vocals to get them attention, they’ll become a solid act. Decent, but has the potential to be pretty good.


The Protagonist's Rating: 6.75 out of 10

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