Thursday, October 14

New Falconer album announced!

 Here's a post from Blabbermouth announcing the upcoming Falconer album "Armod". I'm very excited for this album as I'm a fervent follower of Falconer's work. This album seems like it will have a very interesting folky flavor, and indeed be more of a folky offering in general.

I'm also pleased to see that it will be sung almost entirely in Swedish. I really dig it when Scandinavian bands sing in their native languages, it just feels more natural (see Hevisaurus' entire catalog, Excalion's "Yövartio", and many more). I guess we'll have to see how this slower, more acoustic offering from Falconer turns out. It reminds me in spirit of Elvenking's recent "Two Tragedy Poets..." album, which was good, but unspectacular. Anything Matthias Blad sings will be glorious though, he completely saved "Scepter of Deception" for me from the awful vocals of Kristoffer Göbel.

I then, am looking forward to it. I'm sure it will be an excellent musical offering, and those open-minded enough to accept the turn away from the band's traditional power metal offerings will hopefully be completely satisfied.

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Oakenson said...

I've a feeling this will be one of the best albums of 2011; Falconer are amazing, and certainly one of the elite!