Wednesday, October 27

On "Bad" Bands

On my mind today is the Greek power metal band Minuetum. More specifically, how disappointing their first release was. Having reviewed the album today for The Metal Observer, I began to reflect on the worst power metal that I've heard since I began listening to the genre a few years back.

Minuetum didn't produce a bad album with their first release, but it's considerably weaker than most of what is out there. Perhaps it's just because I have an admittedly enormous soft spot for the genre, but I just couldn't bring myself to score the album that lowly, as it still had a few decent moments. I'm obligated to say however, that it's one of the poorest releases I've heard from the genre (though I haven't explored many a band, particularly those who aren't well known at all).

I am reminded of the album that I constantly quote as the worst power metal relase I've ever heard: Power Symphony's "Lightbringer". Man, that lady just can't stay in key, it's no wonder no one will sign them to release their other album. Is it harsh to say to a band "Hey, you're not bad, but if you got a GOOD singer, you could do pretty well!" How many bands would really just up and drop their lead vocalist in favor of someone with more talent, and if they did, would they really be the kind of band I'd want to listen to?

The alternative being, if they can't or won't, just telling them to quit. How can you tell anyone to stop making music, even if most people think it's bad? Especially in a genre like metal, where many bands don't make a dime and do it out of passion, people aren't expecting to strike it rich quick anyways. Chances are, they're doing it because they love it. I guess the answer is that we have to let them come to the realization on their own, and decide whether or not they want to go on trying to release music that nobody really likes.

Hmm. Anyways, here's a GOOD song from a GOOD power metal band. :)

Sabaton- 40:1

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