Saturday, October 16

Wow, Last Tribe!

All right, so it's pretty rare that every single song from a band makes me raise my eyebrow and look it up, but that's been case lately with Sweden's Last Tribe. This band is dead, and actually only lived for three or four years, releasing 3 full-length albums before they broke up. Its former members are now scattered across the European metal scene (Primal Fear and Meshuggah, to name a couple).

But what music they made! Progressively-tinged power metal that is devastatingly catchy. I'm rather surprised that I haven't heard this band mentioned more often in circles of the power metal elite. It's about time for me to thoroughly examine all three of Last Tribe's offerings, and start looking for elusive hard-copies of their music. For the time being, here's a taste of their work, hope you dig it as much as I do!

EDIT: "The Uncrowned" kept me up half the night last night. This is damn good.

These aren't the songs I really wanted to share, but there's not that much of this band up on YouTube. These songs are still very enjoyable.

"The Uncrowned"


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