Wednesday, October 13

Thoughts on Manowar's re-recording of "Battle Hymns"

There's a lot of buzz around right now about Manowar and this album, and they're getting a lot of crap thrown at them for doing this project. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it myself. I'm not the biggest Manowar fanboy, but they do slaughter sufficiently ;)

Ok, so I'm a little disappointed, because I think their whole "Asgard Saga" bit is kind of interesting, and I'm really looking forward to some more material from that. "Thunder in the Sky" didn't do anything but whet my appetite a little more, and it's been....more than three and a half years since "Gods of War". Hurry up and get some more new material out before you kick the bucket, dudes!

In all fairness however, I can understand the want to re-record an album that's almost 30 years old, and decrepit by modern production standards. JUST DON'T TAKE TOO BLOODY LONG!! I'll probably check out the re-recording of "Battle Hymns", since I know I'm a sucker for slick modern production (the hardest thing to get past with old metal), but please, give us "Hammer of the Gods" already!

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Oakenson said...

I don't see how they can match the feel of the original and, yes, they need to focus on the new album instead of dragging their feet!