Wednesday, October 13

The other half speaks.

...aaaand I'm gonna keep writing mine the same way I always have (I am not so flexible). And J-rock? What's J-rock? This blogging thing is confusing already.

In all seriousness, however, I have high hopes for the quality of this blog in terms of variety, consistency of updates, and taste in music. In the months/years ahead, we'll be providing our own views and opinions on some of the world's melodic metal. Our opinions are just a drop in the bucket, and our site just one of hundreds like it, but it is my hope that we can connect with a few earnest readers. If we can do that, and you the reader appreciate following along with us and sharing in our discoveries and music, we will have achieved our goal fully and beyond a doubt. This project is a labor of love for both of us, as is our hobby of listening and critiquing music.

I have a feeling these posts may end up being re-written as a bio/welcome page. ;)

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