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Grave Digger - The Clans Will Rise Again

Grave Digger
The Clans Will Rise Again


An introduction for Grave Digger is probably not necessary, being one of the most well-received, respected and enduring German heavy metal bands ever; right up there with Accept and Running Wild, Grave Digger is a band the fans can count on and, likewise, a band that can count on their fans. I am not sure whether I have reached fan-boy status with Grave Digger, however, I've yet to feel they've to release a sub-par album and, though their last few offerings are as close to that tag the band has come to yet, their 2010 release - The Clans Will Rise Again - has reinvigorating my excitement and faith, being their strongest record since 2003's mighty Rheingold.

Grave Digger's music is rather immediate and concise thus, to follow in their footsteps, I plan to write my review here in similar fashion. The opening trilogy of songs (Days Of Revenge/Paid In Blood, Hammer Of The Scots and Highland Farewell) start the album off beautifully, being all exceptionally powerful, catchy and undeniably Grave Digger; there's something about them (as well as this whole album, really) - the riffs, the solos, the execution, Chris' vocals - that possesses a kind of renewed energy I have, again, not really heard on a Grave Digger record since Rheingold. I imagine that the addition of Domain guitarist Axel Ritt has helped matters, perhaps enticing a new chemistry we can hopefully hear more of in the coming years.

Rebels is a strong tune with a driving rhythm and awesome chorus whilst The Piper McLeod/Coming Home is a truly winning duo; The Piper McLeoud is a nice bagpipe piece that leads into Coming Home, which is probably my favorite song on The Clans Will Rise Again, being anthemic, strong, uplifting and epic; "... cause I'm the piper and I'm coming home!" Aye, it's awesome. ;) Watch Me Die, the digipak bonus song, is quite good too, being perhaps slightly different atmospherically than most of the album, however, despite this, it's definitely album material, not just some b-side cast-off.

The production deserves a quick mention, also, done by none other than Grave Digger's own Chris Boltendahl; it's crunchy, thick, clear and well-balanced/mixed, so that all of the instruments can be heard with clarity, none casting shadows over the other.

All-in-all, this is Grave Digger in all their glory and strength, once again ensuring us that they're a heavy metal force to be reckoned with; sure, their 2010 offering may not be quite up there with the likes of The Grave Digger (my personal favorite) or Excalibur, but that doesn't mean that it's mediocre, either. I've a feeling the band is fully out of their short-lived drought (not that it was even that bad) and thus I am, already, excited for what they've to offer us next; until then, however, The Clans Will Rise Again shall undoubtedly satisfy! Prepare to be crushed by the hammer of the Scots, brothers and sisters! ;)

7.75 // 10

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The Protagonist said...

Good song! Grave Digger + Bagpipes = Genius! I need this album.